In the pearl of the Baltic

or so they call this tiny island

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Long time no posting here
I always forget that I do have a journal here... I had been only posting to other communities and reading and looking at everybody else's pictures and nothing more. ugh.

What had I been up lately? I finished my Multimedia Design studies - got a 10 on the final exam. I got a new kitten (Felix) that just walked in our shop one day and asked to stay. We were not that busy this summer at the shop... seasonal place and crappy summer weather here in Bornholm did not make a good combination. Our cat family is looking good and all of them are so cute. I had not been able to find a job.

Talking about jobs, how do you like this: the news in Denmark say that there is an urgent need for engineers in all sorts of companies and all sorts of positions. Some of the big companies, like Vestas and Danfoss, clamor that they have to go all the way to Poland to find engineers. Well, I am an electronics engineer, have a residence permit and passable Danish. Every single application I have submitted has received a "thank you but no thank you" answer. Jerks.

I will write more soon. Need to go and make a pizza now...


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