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Should we make New Year's resolutions?
I was reviewing my New Year's resolutions for 2008 and well, I did not accomplish any of them. They were not so far fetched... the usual. Lose weight - I maintained it, did not put on any extra but could lose some. Find a job - I tried and tried. Will continue trying harder. Improve my relationship with Peter... well, it's still going, right? Not improved-improved, but we are still together.

2008 was a strange year with many good and bad things happening. Obama was elected president of the USA (yay for that!), my mother in law's husband left her after 25 years of mistreatment - from her to him (that sucked, but nobody was surprised). We added a new cat to the cat family against our oath to not take any more strays in - he was too cute to be sent to the cat pension/rescue center.

He is Felix's best friend and partner in crime.

Another important thing is that I was granted my permanent residence permit in Denmark. Like finally getting a green card in the USA. At first they rejected my application arguing that I was not "integrated enough into the Danish society"... Peter sort of complained, but unofficially... I guess his complaint was effective, because my case was reviewed and I got the permanent resident card. For any immigrant in another country this is a very important moment.

Now I eventually apply for Danish nationality. That one is a long and costly process which includes a test of knowledge about Denmark that most Danish people cannot pass. The test is not that difficult, one has to study and memorize lots of facts.

Interruption... my mother in law just send a message she is coming with some soup for us. Good that she cooks, not so good that we have to take the things that she cooks and be eternally grateful for them. I will elaborate on this some other time

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gorgeous cats

Your cats are so beautiful. Thank you for your support for black kittens and black cats
George Online Cat,

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